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Real Estate

We have many plots to suit your budget. Executive plots and many affordable plots at our different sites.

Our site planning services help you get the ideal and best possible layout for your site, considering all necessary factors.

We also facilitate the transfer and assignment of any property right or interest from one individual or entity to another.

With our team of experts, we engage in property valuation with the aim of helping you develop well rounded estimate of the value of particular property that you may be interested in.

Beacon placement requires good placement strategies for it to work effectively for any property. Budget Holdings does that for you.

We also help you understand your real estate better and give you the bes advice on the decisions to make towards your real estate endeavours.

If you need a piece of land surveyed and properly planned out, we have you covered with out team of professionals at the field

We also help properly manage property using the best practices. Get in touch


At budget we also offer salary advances. Get in touch.

We know how a quick loan can be very helpful to an individual at a particular time. We are here for you.

We do not only cover individuals, even businesses needing a quick loan can apply for one.

Debtors can sometimes become stressful. We can help you recover your credits from overdue debtors

We also help businesses recover their loans using the best loan recovery methods.

Debt can sometimes become very hard to manage and properly pay back. We help you with restructuring your debt so you can better plan how to effectively clear it. We also help you negotiate ideal terms with your creditor to lighten your load.
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Investment Management

In this sector we use our market knowledge and experience to provide market study for businesses or potential business to better understand the demand for their product in their domain.

The importance of effective budget management cannot be stressed enough. Proper budget management can determine whether a business thrives or falls.

We also look out for businesses starting up, helping them with their set up and providing consultation for their business.

Budget Holdings is your reliable investment broker. Buy your securities through us and you won't be disappointed